Don’t Starve: How to Obtain Gears

Gears are a very important resource in “Don’t Starve”. Let’s take a look at their various uses.

Don't Starve: How to Obtain Gears

How to obtain gears with so many uses?

The main way is to kill Clockwork creatures, including Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Bishops, Clockwork Rooks on the surface, and Damaged Clockwork Knights and Damaged Clockwork Rooks in the Ruins.

There is also a low probability of obtaining gears from Tumbleweeds and Graves.

When killing Ancient Hulk, there is a chance to get 3-6 gears from Magnificent Chests.

Don't Starve: How to Obtain Gears

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Clockwork Knight Ships can drop 1-3 gears, which can also be obtained by digging up Beaches, using a *** or from chests in X Marks the Spot locations, but the probability is lower.

In the Ruins, repairing a Broken Clockwork Machine with three gears can spawn a friendly Broken Chess Piece monster (Broken Clockwork Bishop, Broken Clockwork Knight, or Broken Clockwork Rook).

In the Hamlet DLC, you can purchase 10 gears from the Pig Shop, or obtain them by killing Large Iron Hulk.